Four Seasons

With every beat, your reflection
gently wavers in my heart,
like ripples in a spring pond, circling
from a fumbled pebble of memory

A summer breeze unravels you.
You unclasp your hairclips,
comb your fingers through, braiding
the sunlight in your hair

Underneath this autumn sky,
the wind weaves your fragrant
memory, like a ribbon across the
skein of my loneliness

Snow flickers on the cheek
like a flutter of eyelashes. Caught
in the moment, you are winter-blushed and
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful


  1. For those who do not enjoy poetry - they need to be referred to this site. Your level of expression whilst maintaining simplicity is such a joy to read. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love it! "braiding sunlight in your hair" - nice

    "like a ribbon across the skein of my loneliness" - also nice

    Braiding, ribbons, skeins = all so 'feminine" good choice of words...thank your muse for me. : )

  3. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  4. Anonymous9:28:00 AM

    lonely ,beautiful and vast ...

  5. Love the poem. The perceived simplicity only showcases the depth of emotion here. Not in love with the title. And in stanza four, do you need "and" on the end of that line? Might work without it. Draws a lot of attention to itself, although I know it does feel like a breath.

  6. I was unsure of the title at first too, but grew to love it. Each seasonal aspect - spring ponds melting, summer sunlight, autumn winds, winter snow - is what helps bring out the beautiful aspect of the girl celebrated by the narrator (and vice versa).

  7. Lovely, thank you. Having just lost a great love it is amazing how memories are tied into everything.

  8. It was a pleasure to read this poem!

  9. I love the title, it is the connecting thread that links the sections of the poem. it also adds a timeless mood that gives continuity to the thought of the invoked person. it s a good choice

  10. Gren-Hilda3:48:00 PM

    This again demonstrates why you're my favourite poet. If someone wants to know what true love feels like, they just need to read your poems.

  11. Short link -

  12. Very sweetly written! =)

  13. Your writing is a constant and anticipated reminder of the beauty of words Samuel.

  14. All I can say is, beautiful!


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