Brown-capped rosy finch,
you chirped, and I saw you,
speckled in the morning

When I picked you up
your small head tensed
and turned away, as if
my whole enormous hand
would squeeze
your tender frame,
never let it go.

Your eyes shut tight. I'd felt
your beak quivering cold
in the crook of my finger,
knelt down,
and laid you back
where I'd found you
in the leaves.

This morning I'd held you
trembling in my hand,
you chose to pull away;
you chose your path,
the way we choose our lives.
Or try to.

And now, this evening,
as the sun slants across
the roofs as through blinds,
I find you here again,
lying helpless,
quiet, cold.

For a moment it seems
the wind has grown
suddenly still.


  1. Anonymous9:07:00 PM

    Lovely piece.

  2. Tender, touching and the right choice.

  3. Thank you. I wanted to say something destiny and life and choices. Then the bird appeared.

    Short link-

  4. This is beautifully expressed. It's not easy to let others make choices that may seem wrong to us...but it is their choice and it is their attempt at trying to have their own life.

  5. Anonymous7:42:00 PM

    I adore the softness in your voice. Your words and imagery are hazily beautiful. Love this! I have friended you on Facebook :)


  6. Really a lovely write!


  7. they have to accept the help, that is something we can not do for them...nice capture sam

  8. I've just burst into tears. Of course, that means you've worked your magic once more-- how arresting, direct, unflinching.

    I have the misfortune to weep over the plight of every creature I see, and one reason I abandoned my literary life for twenty plus years is that I went on duty to them all,mothering, nurturing until there was none of me left. It's good to read such a sensitive and tender poem from a "guy," Sam. Bravo...xxj

  9. oh, my. that last staza brought a tear to my eye. You have developed, in such short simple write, a tender relationship with another living being. I am impressed.

  10. This is so sad. Yesterday, I found a beautiful tanager lying dead in our back yard and I've been nursing a poem about it. We creatures have such a tenuous hold on life. Beautiful write.


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