And I Rise

And I rise, your poison dissipated
after days beneath your will, your hated

touch. With each caress, I’ve sensed the fading
of your hideous strength, the escalating

of my own. And I rise, before you see
the faint resurgence of the fire in me,

the marshalled anger you mistake as lust,
see through the quiescence that has gained your trust.

With every breath, you venture ever closer
to the range of my sequestered dagger.

And I rise, take you into my embrace,
move closer so your eyes fix on my face.

With one step closer, I will let it fly,
stiletto of my heart’s revenge. And I rise.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the eighth sonnet in the vampire cycle, which together tell one story.

    The preceding sonnets are 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', 'The Poison Works', 'The Third Deadly Sin', 'You Have Not Destroyed Me', and 'The Fourth Deadly Sin'. Click 'V' above for the full cycle.

    Each named 'Deadly Sin' poem is from the perspective of the vampire, and each poem after is a response from the perspective of his victim.

  2. Taylor Anne6:09:00 PM

    HA! I was right! I know you too well mister! :)

  3. Thi one works really well, from the foreshadowing in the title to the repeated title in the last line. Awesome.

  4. I love the term "stiletto of my heart’s revenge."

  5. Anonymous11:09:00 AM

    Ah yes! is it proper for me to feel satisfaction at a vampires demise or is it reminiscent of old combat won. But then, is the wound lethal? :)


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