You Have Not Destroyed Me

Though you have pierced me with every arrow
in your quiver, you have not destroyed me. No.

Pricked, and I bled. But I live, despite you,
destroyer god, and not because of you.

Do you hear it, underneath the faint pulse
drawing the thinned blood through my veins? Shell rush

of the ocean, a slow undercurrent
drawing power with each measured silence,

the cadence of my pain. Denied the sweet
release of death, instead I contemplate

how every unrevenged wrong contrived
to bring me to this strength. Though you have

pierced me, cut me, flayed me, let my blood flow
red to earth, you have not destroyed me. No.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the sixth sonnet in the vampire cycle - 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', 'The Poison Works', and 'The Third Deadly Sin'. Click 'V' above for the cycle.

  2. Shell rush of the ocean, a slow undercurrent...

  3. Anonymous9:51:00 PM

    Do I feel metaphysical undertones of a Rumi, insistent on being ever-present? Thank you for the continued fragrance that come from your words.

  4. While the main Deadly Sins sonnets manifest this worlds's horrors, the alternate sonnets - 'When I Die', 'The Poison Works', 'You Have Not Destroyed Me' - are invocations of the human spirit when confronted with these horrors.

  5. Gren-Hilda2:56:00 AM

    I like "every unrevenged wrong", it does make you stronger! I like the triumphant tone.

  6. I love the classics. In the Third Deadly Sin, there are references to, among others, the Song of Solomon, Edgar Allan Poe, and even the House of Wax. To pique the interest of those inclined, maybe I should do some 'Study Hints', for example:

    'If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?'
    - W. Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

  7. I like the You have Not Destroyed me poem. Very strong and emotive.


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