The earth tells its own story.
Here, where the broken rails

etch their shattered hieroglyphics
in the dust, the space still

cries out, freedom, freedom.
Further on the tracks cross and recross

in a frenzy of flight;
the grass drifts, uprooted.

A single man's footprints trail
along it all. Deliberate

and slow, it draws along its length
a meandering despair.


  1. goosebumps... i love it ^^

  2. "where the broken rails etch their shattered hieroglyphics" such a beautiful line (in the sand)

  3. Earth bares her own scares and stories, as we do, doesn't she? You writing is great. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful night.

  4. Gren-Hilda4:01:00 PM

    Stunning. Conjures images of the barren, wild lands, of nature, and the heart.


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