Fallen Lighthouse

Uncovered ark, waves break across
your battered hull like a rising tempest,
scattering against your sightless
cyclopean eye.

The circled railing at your mast unwinds
a shattered stairway into the air,
bridging the uncertain truce
of spume and sky.

Shaken and still, your splintered
ribs curve and rejoin above the waters,
like the brilliant skeleton
of a stranded whale.


  1. Wow. Very nicely done. I had to look up the word "spume," but I love the image of "a bridge between the uncertain truce / of spume and sky."


  2. Gorgeous, as always. I'd look at the two "splinters" and maybe change one of them?

  3. Thanks for catching that! Editing oversight, must have been a late night. On second thought, it always is a late night.

  4. Anonymous8:25:00 PM

    Thank you for words of color, action & passion for forms inevitable changes.

  5. Gren-Hilda3:01:00 AM

    An image captured and preserved forever. Difficult to attain, well done!


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