Wave Rising

You rise,
crystal and streaming,
a storm across the broken earth:

torn by the ocean's roots,
whirling crosstide
of air and sky,
fire and movement,
anvil of summers,
harpooned tempest,
ark of a fallen kingdom
plunging into the deep,
hammered silence,
burning avalanche
of talons and salt,
light's cluster,
rough iceberg
shallowed from the sunken
pewter of the night,
sudden ambush of stone,
crater of destructions,
article of sorrows,
cradle of echoes,
petrified hurricane
scarred by shadows,
burden of wrath
shrugged from the shoulder
of the continent,
uncertain truce of
stillness and rage:

You rise,
rend the spaces
with a sudden vastness,
like a torrent of steel,
like a wind,
like buried thunder
rising from the depths,
rising without end.


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  2. Incredible writing. Have a great day.

  3. fait accompli, love how used pewter! Cheers

  4. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4wave


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