I've brought home
a bag of apples,
and there beside, unopened still,
tomorrow's breakfast's chocolate
milk, chill and moist,
a saucer and glass
for the cat and myself.

Out and into the night.
Beneath my balcony rails
two runners pass,
shoulder to shoulder.
Looking up, the man
throws up an arm and smiles,
then eases back into his friend's
slow, trailing stride.

The evening carries over,
in the wind, the voices
of my neighbor's son and daughter
playing in the park
across the road.

For a moment the fading sky
holds up the shape of two kites
fluttering in the air,
and then is gone.

My mind holds you
as if it will not let you go.


  1. I love that this is all about relationships. Beautiful as ever Sam.


  2. i love what goes on unsaid in this poem. Very lovely

  3. You've conveyed different relationships and their strengths very well here. Great poem.

  4. Anonymous8:35:00 PM

    I really connected with the personal touch of the first stanza. There was something about the linebreak of "chocolate / milk" that I found oddly satisfying.

    The next two stanzas capture nice solid images as well, especially the sounds of neighbors. Visual/audible (is this the right word for sound?)...a useful mix.

    The kites are a bit of a stretch...but the other parts of the poem make up for it.

    Well done. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for the well-thought-out comments.

    While I won't go into all the choices I made for images in this poem, for me the kites are not a stretch. They are a natural extension of the neighbor`s kids playing in the park, another set of twos.

    And the fading sky holding those kites is a metaphor, providing a segue from the outer world into his mind, his thoughts, the only place now where he and his past love are still a pair.

  6. It was a joy to read your poem!

  7. Thanks so much

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