Still Life

There is no refuge in your sleep;
your breath refuses to give in.
In the darkness
your lips move, soundlessly.
For an instant I believe
you are saying my name.

What is it that you see
with your eyes closed?
When I touch your eyelids
my fingers come away trembling.

With you I am like a stranger,
terrified to move.
I try to take your restlessness
into my hands, but you escape.
Even now the lamplight turns you
into someone I don't know.

Until morning I lie
with my ear pressed against your chest.
Somewhere inside you
the dark sea rises and falls.


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  2. Beautiful, beautiful! (But please fix typo: "stranger".)

  3. Thanks! I'm just bleary-eyed at midnight, I guess.

  4. Incredible writing. This is beautiful, intimate, powerful. You give breath and meaning to words so easily. Have a great day.

  5. A lover's utopia.. you walk in beauty!


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