There, from the window, fragments
of a night drift in, shattered
against the hulls of stars
moored into the evening sky.

Night falls, burying the distant landscape
like a cast-up shell, drawn
in a rimless swirl of wind
breaching the stillness,
like the corrupted cargo of ships,
unmasted, sunken in trenches
and lost, irrevocably.

In the sky the wind weaves
a clustered hieroglyphics, raises up
constellations we cannot name,
vaguely remembered, spun out
like a sudden wheel on the earth's axle.

Stories to tell you at the edge of night,
vague and unremembered as legends
told in some dim, forbidding court,
by blind men and aging seers,
of something more distant, and final,
than a fading star.

...............Count them,
finger and hand together:
far Antares, the shimmering current
raked by the archer's shaft,
quiver of rain and stillness trembling
like a shadow, stretched out:
this burnished pile spindled at our souls.

And still we dare, to find
the least expanse of firmament
inside our dreams, as if to clutch
when starlight fails us, and we drown,
flailing, in the formless rush.


  1. Not sure the title is strong enough for such a gorgeous poem. Third stanza is my favorite!

  2. wow.. I'm a crap poet! awesome!!!

  3. Your poetry is stunning. Just stunning. I think this is one of my favorites. Hope all is well.

  4. I just love reading this aloud, how honored I am you of such shimmering brilliance should look my Twittering way, blessings to your gift and the great ways it can be shared thru ways like Twitter. Hope your Sunday evening is just as poetic. Jewal Kylo calmwhiteroom

  5. I agree with the other comments.Your work is remarkable.Each and every line offers solid language,imagery,etc.

    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  6. Thanks for such kind words...'Starlight' is a poem I started a while back, which for the longest time remained unfinished, but which recently found most of the right words.

    Also, I believe that all work written with poetic purpose has brilliance (don't belittle yourself, Angela - for example, your 'Poem 94' is a small gem, and 'Poem 89' is a masterpiece of heartbreak).

    I read voraciously, and I find something to inspire me in almost every writer who struggles to put their thoughts into words.

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