Last Gestures

Arisen from what endless keening,
From the ravine of what mouth,

Your face held vivid in the light?

What have we taken, what hunger,
What recollection burning in our eyes,

Or fevered lamp of the final depths?

You seize silence like a sudden cry
Out of the spray, broken off,

Raised in the shattered breath.

Enemy, my enemy, claiming the shining hour:
Sundered gesture of darkness and rage

And ambush of the ancient night.


  1. Incredible. Hope all is well.

  2. sounds like a struggle to come out of the darkness, I imagine someone trying to break free their demons

  3. I'm overwhelmed with smile, I cannot believe the wonderful comments you made about my poetry. You are so brilliant and accomplished. I am in awe! Thank you from the bottom of my heart:-)


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