Of all the silences, of all the great waves
raging in like a bitter season across the sands,
you will remember not a one.

Of all you will have suffered, and given,
you will remember only the wind
rising fiber by fiber from the reefs,
blind and defiant.

You will see yourself as you were
before you existed, as from a distance,
without gesture or persistence,
lost amidst the batter of current and swell
chiselled out of the darkness and the salt
like a labored pulse, drawn out,
unransomed, alone.

Between harbors there are spaces
more desolate and empty than between hands
trembling before a moment of touching.

Look for me here, then,
in the silence between two waves breaking,
in the shifting rent by the shore.

Give me your wrath and your silence,
give me your hunger and your love.


  1. I think the line that just completely drew me in, made me invested in the poem and its reality was "of all you have suffered, and given,/ you will remember only the wind." Great moments in this piece, they definitely keep me coming back for more!

  2. Yummy poetry as always - and I like to learn new forms, so, what makes it a barcarole, please? I am not very musical, alas, so I could be missing something, but it doesn't seem to be a metrical thing. I could imagine, though, rowing to this rhythm; long, slow strokes.

  3. These three lines are the most powerful for me:
    You will see yourself as you were
    before you existed, as from a distance,
    without gesture or persistence,

    Great writing.

  4. Thanks for the great comments. A barcarole is a water-song, sung in a slow rhythm, originally by Venetian gondoliers. So, instinctively, you got it right.

  5. This one is going to take coming back and reading again - and maybe again. There's a lot here..the words and then the meaning underneath. I do know I like it.

  6. Short link -

  7. This has moved to the top of the list of my favorites of yours Sam. I adore it.

  8. The sea is a great source of inspiration - you pull in the necessary elements beautifully.
    Even the wrath and silence of a lover is better than the desolate, lonely harbor...

    Masterfully done my friend
    glad to see it in a Daily


  9. I love the movement of this ~ the surf spraying and flooding that space of silence ~ the rhythm lulls then culls ~ One place I love is the beach when the tide rolls in ~ last I went the waves lashed some fifteen feet as though an anger was being unleashed ~ the barcarole was perfection for this ~ absolutely loved it ~ Lib ~

  10. Absolutely beautiful, every single word, line and passage rings exquisitely.

  11. Anonymous1:39:00 AM

    Absolutely incredible Sam!! I agree with everyone posting comments, these words/full of emotion and holding on with strength/ "you will rembember only the wind" trembles torrents of a sad air, yet you pull it back together in your ending lines. Always in awe with your work Sam, the structure is so unique. I love your style of writing in what you are inspired in. Stunning!


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