At Virginia Quay

The summer's pressed itself into the water
with a firm lithography

Above, a blue strewn with the wisps
of evaporating sails

Below, a deep, veined cobalt blue,
marbled with light

At its edge the pigeons hesitate, not knowing
which sky to fly into

The wind's plumed brush stirs
its palette of color

Then there is the spray of wings,
a shimmered rising

And an evening ceramic in the
sun's pale glaze


  1. you wrote water-stanzas: very beautiful... like waves of thoughts to be remembered and absorbed

  2. Beautifully written. I can envision everything so clearly. Your poetic visions are astounding.

  3. Thanks so much

    Short link -

  4. Luscious imagery! Wow. The only thing unclear to me is what the "its" refers to in the fourth stanza. The water? The summer? But other than that, just wow.

  5. I love pigeons and the colour blue. I love to mediate by imagining myself swishing around in clear blue skies, rippling rivers and wispy winds. You now might know, just how much I love poem!


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