Night falls, shading our embraces
Where the curtains part and billow.
Inside, filtered moonlight traces
This slow caress, this secret show.

Tonight I’ll memorize your face,
Brand in my heart your eyes, your hair,
Afraid you’ll leave an empty space,
Vanish, come morning, into air.

Rays of moonlight pattern the sky
Onto our ceiling, through the dark.
From these dim cages dreams take flight,
Quickening wingbeats of our hearts.

Midnight finds us swathed in lamplight,
Nestled in one another’s arms.
Soul of my soul, I clasp you tight,
Taking you deep into my warmth.

Before we part, my eyes search you,
Eyes desperate to find a sign.
Once again, how to forget you,
Until another place and time?


  1. suddenly hearing "The Dark End of the Street" in my head...lovely gathering of words, as always.

  2. So beautiful and yet, so sad.

  3. Hard to let someone go when we feel so bound to them. Your words are strong, passionate and caring, yet sad. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  4. I love how it's genderless, able to touch all hearts.

  5. I love the term wingbeats.. I can see two lovers in a dark misty fog under a street lamp, casablanca.

  6. Beautiful. You are a great poet. Your words are

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words.

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