Time Zones

Tonight I am looking at the moon
that was the moon
in your sky last night.

I stir and walk, and you
walk with me,
you in the Friday morning haze
and I underneath this Thursday sky
that was your sky last night.

Far off, the world begins to turn
in its unfinished current,
rain falls, the month changes color,
the windrift wavers
between stillness and monsoon.

But I,
I feel no need to question why.
Seven hours, seven thousand
miles apart, tonight
you are only
a whisper away
from my outstretched hand.

And tomorrow the morning
that is your morning
will be my morning too.


  1. This poem is so beautiful and transposes distance into intimacy.
    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous11:54:00 PM

    I've often wondered if a far away lover had turned his face towards the moon as I did so many hours later. And when my son was in Antarctica, I emailed him to ask if he had any moon at all. Your poem took me places. Thank you.

  3. "Tonight I am looking at the moon
    that was the moon
    in your sky last night."

    I was hooked to this poem as soon as I read those lines, just lovely...

  4. Stunningly beautiful. Completely accessible yet beyond anything most mortals could express.

    Kudos... dear Sam. It's honor to read your work.

  5. Anonymous12:57:00 PM

    You have an amazing talent with words. It is both a pleasure and honor to read what you share.

    I am in love with this poem.

  6. Absolutely breathtaking, so lovely. =)

  7. Stunning, in many ways... transforming, even. I would look at "Far off, the world begins to turn," as the world is always turning, no? Just drew me out for a moment, and I didn't want to be drawn out.

  8. I feel that in that moment of enlightenment - when the speaker realizes he is still connected to his love, transcending their separation - his world stops. And by the third verse the world moves again as before - but he has changed, the pain is gone.

    Thank you all so much for the kind words.

  9. The imagery is clear and the mood. Enjoyed the flow and beauty.

  10. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4timezones

  11. With 'To a Woman in Her Home' and 'Helium', this is one of three poems which have been included in the arts and literary journal, The Poetry Tree. My thanks to Renée Sigel, publisher and managing editor, and the staff at The Poetry Tree for allowing me to be a part of their journey.

  12. A beautiful expression of love. The tyranny of distance and time, keeping lovers apart yet bringing them closer somehow.

  13. nice...i like the connection in this...and you know sometimes we can feel that close...knowing this moon these stars came from them to us...as will the morning...nice sam.

  14. This is completely swoonable.
    Love the intimacy despite the distance.

  15. A lovely poem, I've lived through similar circumstances three times so it brought vivid memories to mind. I bought your new book, can't wait to read it!

  16. This is brilliant, Sam. Honestly, the first stanza is composed beautifully. It is rich with meaning and demands contemplation. I had to pause to do just that. Then the second stanza illuminated the first, giving it, the first stanza powerful accent. But it is the last stanza that brings everything to light, out of the shadows of wonder and mystery. You feed my soul poetically with your brilliance O' Master Poet.

  17. So romantic - and I mean that as a high compliment. Romantic love, especially separation from one's love, is one of the most difficult things to write about well.

  18. A beautiful rendering of how distance transcends time zones, Samuel.

  19. Classically simple writing, eloquent and well stated, the sounds embrace, and there is the clarity of the moon. Lovely, Sam.

  20. Anonymous11:18:00 PM

    Wonderful - communicating across time zones it magical - love separated by distance but "a whisper away"

  21. I enjoy the switch from "your moon last night" to "your morning will be my morning too." Love, stated simply, erases distance. And then it is good t return.

    1. I like the way you link the dream and longing with the reality of the universe, a huge cupola protecting and connecting at the same time.

  22. oh, this just made me smile... a lovely, filled-with-yearning poem.

  23. You really do create that poetic space where almost all is possible, even being in two places at once. This is so touchingly tender, passionate in a caring knowing way, that its longing unfolds so serenely. You know what I think of your craft, superb!

  24. Beautiful.

    (I wrote a looking at the moon poem tonight, too.)

  25. very cool..the coming so close despite the distance that would divide normally...i much like the idea to look at the moment, knowing the other has seen it a while ago...that surely bridges the distance

  26. I like how realities of time can touch. This had a soft sensuality to it. Love it.

  27. Time zones differences, whispers away! How true, Sam! In this global world 'live events' are brought to the doorsteps unlike the good old days. Beautiful verse!


  28. This is so beautiful, always delightful to visit your site and wander through your words. This really made my heart hum with contentment. Lovely. Thank you for the visit, too :-)

  29. Anonymous6:35:00 AM

    wow, I can relate to this so well....long distance lovers...very romantic


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