Sonnet at Arrival

This, the memory I clung to - coffee
And crullers for you, a doughnut for me -
Sweet glazing over helplessness. Six years
Now, torn from me as your marriage fractured
With my mother’s heart of glass. Six years while
You burned in rehab’s purgatorial fires.
Six years of forgetting, drowned in the tide,
Meandering away from one another’s lives.

Now waiting for me, Arrivals Gate A.
Eight again, I flew into your embrace.
In an hour, at the airport cafe,
We found the words we were meaning to say,
Like a promise kept, a remembered dream,
Over coffee, crullers, and Boston Cream.


  1. I like how you used such simple things as coffee, crullers, and Boston Cream, to contrast the complex emotional impact of the meeting. As always, your poetry impresses me...this one made me hungry also. :)

  2. So great!!! I really love this.

  3. You made me feel as if I was you, you conveyed the experience so immediately.

  4. Thanks for the great comments!

    Short link -

  5. Anonymous10:23:00 PM

    Beautiful Sam; I feel Rosemary says it so well, when one can be transported to a place where you are the experience. Also the flow of words had a musical wave or lilt to it that was fun. Bravo!


  6. The sonnet is all but a lost art. I quite enjoyed the pace of this one, as well as its juxtaposition of profound sentiment with superficial imagery.

  7. My poem today is a sonnet, too!

    This is very beautiful. The immediacy and detail feels so real in this one. Touching.

  8. beautiful man...through it all you were there in the all too real piece...the going to rehab...many come out with little left from the front side...

    wanted to let you know as well how much i appreciate what you have done since stepping in at dverse as are def an asset to the team sam...happy anniversary!

  9. I knew when I saw the word "Sonnet" in the title it was going to be good. A beautifully told poetic narrative. Thanks for keeping the "Sonnet" alive Sam.

  10. This was simultaneously rending and touching, and you play with those contrasts so well. Thank you for your role at dVerse I always love your prompts and appreciate your knowledge.

  11. How wonderful. I hope it is a true story. For both the one waiting and the one arriving.

    I love this type of sonnet, where the last 6 lines are the answer to the question laid out in the first 8--but I have often used it to show better results than in actuality. It is a wonderful form for magically changing an outcome.

    Happy anniversary to you in dVerse Pots Pub!

  12. Great use of the form, rich and poignant and real. This is one of my favorites of yours. Masterful.

  13. Like the wonderful form...always something new for me.

    I also like the food memories, interspersed with the purgatorial fires, then the arrival, and hopefully a remembered dream.

    Thanks for all that you at D'verse ~

  14. This was perfect --the articulation of basic love in real life. What a fine way to read the truth. Your diction, rhyme and flow as always are sublime.

  15. oh heck...such a real and felt capture take us right into the scene..but cannot only see but feel it... and thanks for all you do in the's an honor having you on board

  16. Oh, I love this line: "Sweet glazing over helplessness. Six years" ... And this: "Eight again, I flew into your embrace." Excellent closing, going back to how it started.

    You have said so much here about the overlapping histories of these lives: "Now, torn from me as your marriage fractured With my mother’s heart of glass"

    I love the repetition of "six years" throughout the piece; then finally at the end, you are able to share your feelings and be together: "We found the words we were meaning to say, Like a promise kept"

    This is a beautiful expression of how it feels to wait for love.

  17. Now those flavors would be associated differently -- seemingly coming to a completed full circle, a hopeful new beginning. Enjoyed reading this sonnet very much.

  18. Anonymous1:05:00 AM

    I would never attempt a meeting such as this without the ritual of food to busy my hands and halt my mouth when need be. You described the feeling well... without actually describing it.

  19. This just shines ... subtle evocative perfect

  20. Another stellar piece... and thanks for all you do for dVerse and poets everywhere. I appreciate you!!

  21. Beautiful piece, Samuel. The scene is set so perfectly and vividly; a tense meeting, smoothed by the ordinary things of life. Very nice!

  22. Anonymous4:14:00 PM

    Exceptional- just the form, the subject matter, so romantic, such emotion, love how it's set off over common everyday things- like doughnuts! That encourage that familiarity .... Bring back feelings from the narrative spun just a few lines so good

  23. Anonymous5:39:00 PM

    Loved the juxtaposition of high emotions with simple everyday imagery. Peace.

  24. Huge emotions narrated simply. Love this work. Superb.

  25. fractured within my mother's heart of glass is very very uhhh.. Freudian???

    Lillian Gish


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