Teach me to be gentle,
unhurried as the rain,
or the soft wind rising
through the branches of the trees.

The way
the light comes in
across a room,
spread through the curtains,
first one side
and then the other,
and then across the floor
in whispers,
edging in until it
edges to the lamplight,
breath to breath.

I want to touch you
with the tenderness of tears,
each finger tracing down
the touch each touch
would take
across each cheek.

I want to speak your name
so softly
only you can hear,
and linger where my eyes
will linger, lost
in stillness here,
until that certain
and uncertain dream
gives me away.


  1. I think you already are gentle...if poetry is proof.

  2. love has no words, or, love has every word....or maybe love is a pulse? these words are the rise under a wrist. That subtle movement for which breathing is possible. bravo Sam x

  3. Your style is like a fusion of the old zen masters done in a 21st century paradigm.....Always a great read.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Sam ... it's as beautiful as the snowfall outside my window.

    Beth (aka wordrunner)

  5. I the love poem, warm, captures the delicate intimate fragile vulnerability - the touch. I am utterly without contact & yet a tenderness, an empathy grows in me even in the midst of strangers. I lose myself in irrational surreal invocations to bring a verbal dimension into being that is devoid of the howling depths of intimacy. Enough. You spark thought & feeling. I love the gentle beautiful wave that came over me. A lil magic, words that can awaken, enrich, & impart a warm almost holy sensation in the readers. Hope I'm not going overboard. You are casting word spells, affecting strangers at a distance. Thank you, Keep going

  6. "Casting word spells"... that is an amazing description of writing poetry, thank you!

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