Over and under,
your fingers weave themselves,
become a part of
the wood and straw that is
becoming what it does not yet know.

Every now and then
you ask me the time. Your chair
tilts back. You don't
want to say you're waiting
for someone. You are.

Pepper, sage, marjoram.
Across the shelves the air wafts in
from the uncapped jars.
The summer afternoon drifts by
between two salad spoons.

Someone brought you
a cantaloupe, this morning.
Among the porcelain on your desk
it sits, like a careless relic
waiting to be discovered.


  1. Anonymous8:18:00 PM

    *still sitting holding one of the spoons* Always appreciate the journey; never needing the destination. You art is a necessity. My eyes are full from the feast.

    Fondly, Jem

  2. You are most definately a very talented word artist and more, a sensitive man.

  3. I like the last line of section three especially, but the whole poem is cool. Nice work.

  4. Anonymous1:41:00 PM

    Ah, this is so wonderfully simple and yet layered. I have just been writing something that goes on and on and on! Can't get that compression yet. Agh! Very nice. K.

  5. Very cool. Love the third and fourth stanzas, as they almost seem out of place, but their's just enough to make the connection- I just love how that played out, in fact I think I'm going to try some myself, creating some super cool stanzas that have minor connections, yet when connected they grow. Wonderful piece. Thanks, just an amazing poem.

  6. This is so beautiful, rich with vivid images... I especially like... THEM ALL!! = )

  7. I love this! It has such an elegant yet simple presentation. I feel like I'm in the scene. Wonderful!

  8. these are really good each you convey so much in so little...i am rather fond of the first the creation and still not knowing what it will be, there are those moments for me...and the last...something bought and sat aside yet to really be discovered...that resonates with me as well...

  9. Anonymous1:11:00 AM

    Gorgeous, I was completely drawn from the beginning.

  10. There's something so poignant about the small things, the seemingly fleeting memories...why it's these that stay with us I'll never know. You capture memory beautifully here...short sharp stanzas packed full of memory and therefore can see and feel the pictures you paint....even though someofvthe scenes are intangible....loved 'the summer afternoon drifts by in between two salad spoons'- strangely- thus resonated with me the most and bought memories if my own flooding back

  11. The summer afternoon drifts by between two salad spoons...beautiful line..there is a lovely lazy feel of a hot afternoon fragrant with herbs with that stillness that is uniquely summer's.Another good one Semaphore.

  12. Refreshing style and write. It glides lovingly along the page. I need to come back and read it again.

  13. Anonymous10:41:00 AM

    This is delicious and evocative; it's like you poured the scents, flavors, and sensations into one of those spoons and blew them to me. I feel them floating through my kitchen window now.

    The word "pastels" makes me think of art, so I picture these stanzas as four pictures hanging on a museum wall.

    This is a beautiful expression of becoming. In each scene, time is passing and there is the promise of more, of change, of evolution---art, love, conversation, discovery, consumption.

  14. What I like about this poem is the fact that each stanza is an observation in and of itself, but read altogether, it forms a much bigger picture of the relationship.

  15. I especially love the scents from the uncapped herb jars, and the afternoon wafting along..........and the cantelope, the "careless relic". Your poetry just reels me in.....gorgeous.

  16. A very inventive format in this poem. I especially love the first stanza, as someone who has done a variety of different crafting I can relate to the way something beautiful can spring from the random chaos in the middle of the project. Very well written indeed!

  17. The summer afternoon drifts by
    between two salad spoons.

    quite Eliot-esque. loved the poem.and thanks for your comments.

  18. not sure why, but this line really jumped off the screen for me today:
    "The summer afternoon drifts by
    between two salad spoons."

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my post, it is deeply appreciated.

  19. "like a careless relic" Haaaa...this was really great. What imagery I felt every word of it, some great lines and you made it flow so simply and relaxed. Great job.

  20. A poem that slides the reader smoothly into the narrator's chair, immediate, engaging all the senses, and leaving those all important spaces to let the imagination wander over the details, while taking in the experience. Too many excellent lines to quote back--enjoyed it, Sam.

  21. I love each one of your pastels...If I had to chose one, the third one would be my favorite.

  22. I like the terse words, hinting at what is going on around the scene, the waiting for something or someone.

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  23. I also liked the image of the chair, tilted, waiting, for something and the poor cantaloupe, makes you almost feel sorry for its neglect.
    RYN: No, the swan was not something I've seen recently as there are no swans on the island where I live but, is something I've been lucky and blessed to have seen many, many times (thankfully)

  24. Each image-filled stanza carries the reader along; and the last stanza is a fine conclusion. I wonder about the cantaloupe.

  25. ohh, i LOVE this, love it. tasty, too. very thoughtful, beautiful, moody.

  26. Anonymous11:06:00 PM

    This is the sort of poetry that urges my own writing on to higher levels, to be more adventurous, to let the heart take me where it will... The language is impeccable, beautiful yet simple; the four pieces stand separately, yet clearly belong together. I love how effortlessly it all flows into (to borrow one of your lines) "becoming what it does not yet know".

  27. "between two salad spoons"

    I love that.

  28. I enjoyed the "moments" captured here. Gives me an idea to write four short poems from happenings or experiences of one day... interesting.

  29. Anonymous11:10:00 PM

    Sensual bits, just as life should be noted. Lovely.

  30. Anonymous7:21:00 AM

    I commented on this one already - but I just wanted to note that your title for the category comes from the wonderful Raymond Carver story--he is so great, and this has that layering of meaningful, but seemingly, prosaic detail. K.

    1. Glad you caught that. I admire Carver's work, and often construct my poems as short stories in verse.

  31. I really love this... such quiet beautiful haunting imagery.... this one is going to stay with me.

  32. This is an amazing, powerful, poignant piece, elegantly written. That cantaloupe haunts me.

  33. Such powerful use of language and imagery!

  34. Great use of words and images ..I can see that kitchen...that desk.

  35. Hello,

    Great use of words to make a point..waiting..leaves an image in one's mind of when we are conscious of time for a reason.


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