Elegy for a Young Woman Assassinated in Iran

Yours the first death, the messenger, the voice,
Crying out of Persia,
By a single shot from this life untimely ripped.
Louder now than that gunshot grows the noise,
Neda, rohat shad,
Anguished lamentation, by sorrow swept.

Where now your heart, bullet sequestered
Like a stricken love
In your severed auricle? Sister, you fell
Burning, but with that fall you shattered
Our glass lives, removed
From our unseeing eyes the folded veil.

For now we cannot mourn you at Haft-e Tir
Or Behesht-e Zahra,
Instead commemorate you from our homes.
With prayer we recall you fallen, martyred
As if in Karbala,
Solitary voices raised, no longer alone.

Thus we offer up our invocation
To your final breath.
Beyond the seventh and the fortieth day,
Let resound life’s majestic insurrection
Against this first death –
Be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid.


  1. lovely pure voice: beautiful tribute. may she rest in peace.

  2. You definitely captured the almost universal emotion of this young woman, word by word. Incredible poem! Thank you.

  3. Your tribute is poignantly written. I can only hope she's able to rest in peace. But, I'm thinking she's worrying about her people, her homeland- from her grave. I think hers is the death which stunned me most. I will never forget her... ever.

  4. Beautiful
    ~Kim Amadril

  5. You found a way to carry her shattered soul to each of us in our secret place, to commemorate and say farewell in a universal whisper with head bowed.

  6. lovin how you put the stanzas together, beautiful voice (as everyone clearly agrees), will be following closely as always!

  7. A really wonderful tribute!
    Thank you!

  8. i wish to cry!
    and in my tears
    may the powers that be
    show some compassion
    and mercy
    for your tortured soul!

  9. http://viddeo.net/video/0/DkDVRyIAQPM/neda-soltani-aghasoltan.html

  10. I hope you will excuse my presumption if I add my own inadequate offering For Neda here.

    the sun shines.
    still blue sky.
    birds sing
    swoop and dive.

    A shot rings out.

    empty sky.
    red stained ground.
    yet the sun still shines.

    It can be found on my 'serious' poetry blog here:

  11. Sadly, the aftertremors from this tragedy continue today. It is heartening to see the shared thoughts and poetry.

    Short link - http://bit.ly/s4neda

  12. Neda ~ your Voice Captured ~ Released ~ Eternal


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