Cave Painting

First the eye
comes to terms with its own blindness,
sees through fingertips and the way
your shoulders scrape against the dark.

becomes the way the moss yields to the touch,
the way its pliant hieroglyphics runs
in veins and rivulets under the hands.

becomes the earth weathered to ash
and flake, its ravaged silhouette
eroded by the breath's slow chisel.

becomes the color of empty space, of your
arms outstretched in front of you,
of the uncertainty of the second step.

the cavern fills into itself, taking on
like an uncertain dawn the chameleon
colors of the night.

Walking into darkness
is walking into light.


  1. Anonymous9:59:00 PM

    This is absolutely beautiful! This reminds me of those cave paintings I studied in an art history course, where even now, art historians do not know the purpose for these cave paintings. They say that it's a possibility that because these cave dwellers lived so long in the dark that they started hallucinating. So maybe these cave paintings may not just be for tribal or hunting depictions of their lives!!

    Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. Anonymous10:45:00 PM

    Fantastic! I'm lovin' your stuff. :)

  3. I truly enjoy the view you give us an ability to enjoy with you. So lovely. I want to look at things with your eye.

  4. Excellent and deeply evocative. You continue to astonish me.


  5. Amazing comments, thank you!

    Short link -

  6. nice...i like your progression through the colors...violet being my fav...but that last two lines makes this for me sam...very well penned...

  7. Anonymous11:00:00 PM

    Perfect, surprising and fascinating, thank you.

  8. Anonymous12:11:00 AM

    last line is a lot to thing about

  9. Whew i like the creative take on the colors.. and your ending verses are lovely ~ darkness into light ~

  10. Surpising at each turn. Great stuff!

  11. An original and lovely topic.

  12. This is a stunning use of color. I'm especially fascinated by your description of moss. This tells me you observe with care. Lovely write.


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