'Can we find a place where we can meet
not in silence, not in sound?'
- Children of a Lesser God

You taught me to lip read Bach, placing
my hands on his mouth as he sang. He was
like standing by the sea, feeling the sound
of the earth tremor and the hidden voice
of the coral in my bones.

Listen - in this concatenation of silences
there is something I want for you to hear,
for all the dreams you made my own, for longing,
for pain, for all you are. I want to say - there,
in my throat, the words catch like salt.

I am trying to say your name,
the semaphore that brings you to me.
Fingers joined in two circles mean to connect.
When I move them thus, it is to join.
I am coming out of the silence.

Read my lips. Watch my hands. Translate
my heart from that Rosetta stone
embedded in my soul. This -
this is the sign for need, and this
the sign for you, and this - is stay.


  1. One hearing, one deaf, trying to brook what is between them when so many of us who can hear perfectly, use silence in love as reprimand.
    The spirit finds a way to create bridges, you tell this story beautifully.

  2. The movement is wonderful. Another gorgeous piece.

  3. you capture the nuances of a connection. I also love how you interplay poetry with storytelling. and the quote gives another link of sight... i love this piece!

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Short link:

  5. lovely flowing wordless

  6. The poem gains an extra dimension if read aloud simultaneous to a sign-language translation, even if only the last two lines.

  7. This made my heart skip...the need is so fundamental here. So wonderful Sam.

  8. So extraordinary, your beauty in words, so very very well expressed my dear friend. Fantastic work in intricate thought & emotion. ~April :)


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